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Hi Everyone

Every day I am learning new things and adapting to changes which come rapidly.  Technology has given us instant contact with many people.  But, we have lost the urge to just be with others and talk.  Our busy lives impact on families.  My children were born before the social media explosion.  They interacted with their peers by playing with them, and, having contact with them regularly either by telephone or by visits.  It was nothing unusual to have extra children in the house providing Lunch or Dinner for the gang. I know it seems a bygone age now, social media is here, and, I also use this to my advantage, but, let’s not forget it is a tool to use not a “instead of” scenario.

I have realised recently how precious time is; this has happened due to illness and the passing of people around me.  We are only here for that minuscule of time and believe me it goes very quickly. Start a new trend today, talk and chat face to face.  It is extremely rewarding!

I urge you now, talk to your friends and family face to face; invite them for a drink or a meal.  Texting is brilliant but do you get the essence of how that person feels with a text, no, you can only do that by being with them.

 I am not an old “fuddy duddy” yearning to go back into the past.  I am a forward looking Great Grandmother wanting to keep a sense of reality in a world full of fast paced chat.

So, make the next few months, FACE TO FACE TALKING months

Have a great month, and start that trend, it’s never too late to start something new!

Love and light


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