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Church Service 2nd July at Stourport Spiritualist Church. July 01, 2017
Church service starts 6.30 pm at Elizabeth Mills Centre, Sion Gardens "off new street" Stourport DY13 8UL.  A rare opportunity to see Pam work,... [MORE]

THE COURSE IS £10 (limited spaces) July 01, 2017
Take advatage - learn in your own home in your own time.  You have unlimited access to learn about your hidden energies within that have an imp... [MORE]

Email for Brilliant Offers February 12, 2017
Email for some exciting offers available!      or   spiritene... [MORE]

TASTER AVAILABLE NOW September 19, 2016
Click on this link to access your free taster of the upcoming course! FREE TASTER ... [MORE]

Inspiration for July July 01, 2016
Glory in the sunshine, feel the warmth of the sun on your face and the gentle breeze through your hair.  We find glory in lots of things around... [MORE]

Books still available on Amazon August 08, 2014
Encyclopedia of Spiritual Development Books are now available as books or as Kindle versions on Amazon now.  ... [MORE]

Time to "opt" out for a while January 14, 2014
Hi Everyone Please note because of illness I am no longer available for readings or church services for a little while. Please read my journal and ... [MORE]