Pam's Journal



Hi Everyone

I have been very busy with family and friends recently.  Time passes so quickly we forget to touch base and be aware of what’s going on within our own family unit.  This is so ironic because we have our phones with us 24/7.  But, these phones are used for all sorts of things, Facebook, emails, games and watching movies.  The basic premise of a phone was to talk to someone at the other end.  Is that hard to do? 

Maybe, I am an out of touch Grandmother but, I tell my children and their children, cherish each other because suddenly the children are grown and gone.  We are all on this earth for a very short time – make this life matter.  Stop, sweating the small stuff.  Does it matter, if you didn’t dust today, or make the bed, put the rubbish out.  Sit and take time out – talk to a friend. Send a text just to say you are thinking of them. Today is all you have got – make it a good day. Just touch one person and that will empower them to touch someone then the chain begins.

My Grandson, Tom Forrester, has just done a run for charity, so well done him.  You can still donate on Every small donation helps these charities.  In these days of austerity, they rely on helpers and donations a lot more to keep them going.

Be in touch with someone in the next month, someone you haven’t spoken to for some time.

Make their day, I have just started the chain by inspiring you.

Love and light