About S.E.L.F.

Pam was inspired by her Guide to use the words Spirit Energy Life Fulfillment, and used the website of  www.self.me.uk. for many years, but, Pam has also been told recently it needs to change and only use the first two words. Maybe it is the energy that is being created around the World at moment that Spirit wish to enhance a much better Spiritual Life for all.  

 Self:  What does this word mean to you?  The dictionary analyzes the word as “person’s or thing’s own individuality or essence; person or thing as object of reflexive action; one’s own interest or pleasure or of the same colour throughout.

  Spirit— this is your essence, this is what we refer to as inner spirit and knowing and trusting yourself.  Are you sure you understand you?

 Energyis the power of life, the throb of the universe, the hub of the earth but most of all it is the knowledge of the unseen force that surrounds all of us.  Can you connect to this force?

 Life we are all given this time on the earth to experience, to learn, and accept our pathway of truth.  Where are you going and why?

 Fulfillmenta sense of feeling good, content in the knowledge you have experienced all things possible.  Are you truly fulfilled?      

You need to love who you are then you can know yourself.