Pam's Journal



Hi Everyone

The countdown to Christmas begins!  As you can see by the wonderful offers on the website.  But, it has been a challenging year for lots of people this year, me included.

Lots of people have moved, or changed directions.  So, November seems to be the time when everyone is taking stock of the situations they find themselves in now. It is not easy to come to terms with change however they have happened. But, what we can do is remain positive. Loving family and friends is not easy sometimes we have to make compromises and let go of bitterness and anxiety to go forward.

It is no good analysing everything, we cannot have control of it all.  So, I have a motto, we must float on top of the river and allow the flow to take us, and deal with things as they come up – not worry about them in case they do!

Sending you all peace in your hearts.

Love and light