Pam's Journal



Hi Everyone

It has been a while since updating the website.  Family things and eye operations have prevented me coming back and connnecting with you wonderful people for a short time. 

However, back in harness and working on my next online course The Magic of Tarot.  You can still have access to the course Empower the Hidden YOU as well and still for only £10 or $13! Click on this link:

I am so proud of my family, and love spending time with them.  I also love to have time with close friends and I have had some wonderful spiritual experiences with like minded friends who share my committment to the spirtuality pathway. 

There have been times in my life, as with all you out there, when despair and despondency has been within me.  It has been like going down a well, only looking down, wondering whether you will reach the bottom - or will it go on and on?.  It is not easy to begin to look up at the sunshine again and work your way back to the top of the well, sit on the side and get out and walk around.  It is by sheer determined actions, one step at a time, you can make it happen.

Whatever has got you to the dark place within you, there is hope and there is love for everyone.  You have to pull on your inner strength and your inner knowledge to get you through.  I believe we have a Spirit Guide and a Guardian Angel to help us on our journey forward.  I know I have been helped so many times because of my belief. 

I do not lecture people to believe in Spirituality, but, I do believe that quality of Spirituality within us is a most important aspect to keep us going.  I send everyone healing, light and hope in this short message.  Let the Angelic energy be shared around the world to bring us peace. 

Love and light