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  1. Hi Everyone

    What a few months it has been for a lot of people. There have been so many people moving and even within my family, there have been three moves.  I did say at the beginning of the year this was a year of change. 

    We should embrace this, no matter how we dig our heels into ground and be unmoving at the time, we must realise that the change will come whether we like it or not.  I have been struggling against the tide myself, and I realise that nothing will stop the sea coming to the shore no matter what.  So, if you cannot stop it - accept it!  

    Each day I am humbled by how Spirit keeps me going.  I have often said that they will always help if only we listen.  When you ask a question, don’t expect an answer immediately, your guidance comes in different ways.  It might be a phone call out of the blue.  It might be someone saying something which resonates with you and that gives you the answer you were looking for.  It just might be that doors suddenly become open when we least expected.  However it happens and believe me you will have to take heed, they help in mysterious ways. Here is just one way where guidance came when I least expected it!

    I asked for guidance from my Spirit Guide for my next journey.  My writing has come to a standstill and I have put other things first, making excuses and not getting on with it, which I have now realized this was happening, so I am now making time for putting pen to paper.

    Anyhow, my friend and I were going on a little outing.  We had no clue where we were going, and we decided to go to the Malvern Hills to have a little picnic there.

    For some time, we have been questing for Spirit and very soon I will be writing and telling you all about this.  But, this sunny, although windy day we were setting out on an adventure. I have also said that I would like to write fictional books as well as the spiritual, under the name Ann Nash.  Nash being my birth name, and Ann being my middle name. My spiritual books still under the name of Pam Brittan.  Confusing, I know, but the two genres are very different.

    Anyhow, back to my tale.  My good friend, Joan, suddenly announced that she felt we needed to see this Church, we could see the spire in the distance, so we went up the side road towards where we thought it was.  When we arrived, I said I didn’t feel the need for us to go into the Church, and Joan said whatever we needed to see was in the church yard.

    So, we ventured into the Church Yard and we were both drawn towards a headstone with a small design of an angel on it, it was dedicated to Ann Nash.  And what was more astounding was the name beneath hers on the gravestone was her son’s name who was buried with her: Henry Joseph.  My birth father’s name was Joseph Henry Nash. 

    The day began with having no idea where we were going.  Remember, I had asked for guidance and this was my answer.  To Write.  To get on with the task of writing my memoir of how I began work with Spirit and, the many tales I need to tell about what life has presented so far for me.  So, my advice to all those doubters, try it, dip your toe into a different understanding, ask, seek and you will find.  There are more wondrous things than we will ever know.  Just “knowing” is enough for me – I have never doubted what they are giving me. So, take heed, be patient, and let Spirit guide you.

    Love and light




  2. Hi Everyone

    Every day I am learning new things and adapting to changes which come rapidly.  Technology has given us instant contact with many people.  But, we have lost the urge to just be with others and talk.  Our busy lives impact on families.  My children were born before the social media explosion.  They interacted with their peers by playing with them, and, having contact with them regularly either by telephone or by visits.  It was nothing unusual to have extra children in the house providing Lunch or Dinner for the gang. I know it seems a bygone age now, social media is here, and, I also use this to my advantage, but, let’s not forget it is a tool to use not a “instead of” scenario.

    I have realised recently how precious time is; this has happened due to illness and the passing of people around me.  We are only here for that minuscule of time and believe me it goes very quickly. Start a new trend today, talk and chat face to face.  It is extremely rewarding!

    I urge you now, talk to your friends and family face to face; invite them for a drink or a meal.  Texting is brilliant but do you get the essence of how that person feels with a text, no, you can only do that by being with them.

     I am not an old “fuddy duddy” yearning to go back into the past.  I am a forward looking Great Grandmother wanting to keep a sense of reality in a world full of fast paced chat.

    So, make the next few months, FACE TO FACE TALKING months

    Have a great month, and start that trend, it’s never too late to start something new!

    Love and light