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  1. Hi everyone.

     Happy New Year!  

    I am very pleased to offer the online course for the New Year.  My intention was to have it ready in time for Christmas but I hit all sorts of snags.  But at long last it is live!  To sign up follow this link:

    My Christmas and New Year celebrations went well, and I am pleased to announce the arrival of my new great granddaughter, Lily, born on the 15th December. An adorable little sister to her brothers Jake and Jaydon. 

    I love my family, my grand children are growing up and starting their lives and I am very proud of  all of them.  Friends are also the family we choose, so spending time with those we care about is as important as sending the greeting cards and presents. 

    Make this a year of action; if you have long thought dreams and wishes make them come true. Make it happen; don't just sit there and dream! The older I get, I realise we haven't got the time we think we have, so do it today.  Get on with it and make it happen for you!

    I no longer make resolutions because by the end of February they have usually disappeared in the mist.   But, this year I am making a pact with myself: to honour ME for a change. Most of us dance to other people's tunes, but, create your own and be your own person.  If you are unhappy and you need to change then do it - everyone has the right to a happy life! 

    It has taken me a long time to admit I rather like me - so, this year I am celebrating that fact and enjoying things for ME!  

    Pat yourself on the back and relish in who you are and be kind to yourself.  

    Who was that said life is not a rehearsal - THIS IS IT!  ENJOY 2017 and everything you do, and may you have a wonderful year!

     Love and light





  2. Where has the time gone, no sooner have we finished one year the next is here.  Let me wish all of you a Merry Christmas.  Whatever our religion or belief during this time we can gather the families together and remember those who have gone before us. 

    Sometimes we need to remember the most precious gift you can give another is your time.  It costs nothing and brings moments of joy to the one you have given the time to talk to and care about. 

    Children do not remember all the "things" they have but will remember the stories being read, the playtime in the park.  The laughter they have shared.  Likewise, Grandparents and Great Grandparents, for which I am one, cherish the time seeing their offspring happy and content, so don't forget spending just a short amount of time with them. 

    Most of all enjoy your Christmas break, and I also remember all those that have to work during the holiday.  Bless them - they keep us going.  The nurses, the carers, the firemen, the police etc. So, if someone in your family has to work during this time, give them credit for it and nurture them when they return home. 

    Blessings to all.

    Love and light