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  1. Hi Everyone

    We are coming to the darker nights and putting our clocks forward.  This year has gone remarkably quickly.  So much has happened as well, not just for me but to several people who tell me their tales of their roller coaster of happenings in their lives.

    As you all know by now I am in the process of putting together my online courses.  I am very excited about this.  You know sometimes we try things and if the timing or the situation is not right it will not work.  Synchronicity puts us in the right place and at the right time.  A while ago, I worked on some courses with a friend and although we spent time on it, the timing obviously wasn’t right and the forum not right at the time. However, this time I know it is!  I have moved home and are settled at long last.  My health has improved enormously, and I feel ready to tackle the world again, but, I realized I could not do my work in the same way. 

    So, one morning I was getting dressed and said to myself it is time to finish my book and tackle some way of getting my online courses done.  That very afternoon, my good friend Joan, rang me and told me to watch a webinar about making online courses. “Coincidence”. No, I believe it was sent.  The course was expensive, but, again funding came along just when it was needed, again synchronicity was working. So, all this was meant to be, and I am beavering away so that I can bring you that course very soon.

    One of the things I have had to do is have a photo shoot to provide a decent photograph for my website and landing page of Thinkific, the platform where my courses are held.  My friend and I wanted to get a decent photo of us together, as well.  Again, we were sent to the right place, the people were so brilliant, friendly, but, also very in tune with what was needed. It certainly bought out the Diva within me, I was made up to look beautiful by Bev Beard a member of the team. And Sammy Southall the photographer was exceptional, he made us feel quite at home and not embarrassed.   Jane, Sammy’s wife was a joy, and made us both feel welcome and more like their family members rather than customers.  Their studio is in Kidderminster and they are available for portraits, makeovers and boudoir photographs.  You can contact them on 01562 747612 or 07967 716713

    You will see the photo very soon on my website. If you want to experience the Free taster of the coming course you can access it by clicking on this link:

    FREE TASTER.  All you need to do is put in your email and you can then experience a snippet of the coming course.

    Love and light



  2. Hi everyone

    Have you seen my free taster of the upcoming course?  I would love you to see it and review it.  I have wanted to do on-line courses for a long time. A friend of mine helped some time ago but, it didn’t seem to capture the essence of what I wanted to do with the course, although we tried very hard.

    This platform, Thinkific, where I have developed my course, will allow me to bring courses into your homes which you can do at your own pace.

    In this busy world, often, trying to get to a course at a specific time and place is very difficult when full time work, children and busy lives mean we need to be everywhere all the time.

    So, what is easier then to be able to access a course you are interested in at any time you wish in your own home and in your PJs.

    So, folks, take the free taster and see what you think.  I am excited it is a brand new course about your Gut Instinct.  Do we listen to it?  Do we trust it?  What will change if you begin to trust it? 


    In the meantime, take the free taster, YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE!

    Click on this link which will take you there.


    Love and light