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  1. The world is in a dark place at the moment. What with the pandemic causing illness and deaths around the world, we have been subjected to being unable to be with our loved ones and effectively being under house arrest. Just when things seem to be getting back to some sort of normality we are faced with the terrible news of the war in Ukraine.

    I can’t imagine what these people are going through. Just imagine having to pack up and leave your home behind not knowing what is going to face them. Often only carrying the immediate items you may need for the journey.  Women saying goodbye to their partners trying to keep strong because they have children to keep safe.

    Watching the news with the horrendous stories is heart-breaking. I think about my family, my grand children would be old enough to fight in the war, but they have children as well who they would want to protect and save.

    The decimation of Ukraine has pulled on so many heart strings around the world and I know so many countries have come to their aid. The welfare of those displaced must come first. Their homes have gone, their hope is wavering, but Ukraine’s determination that they want freedom and want to win this war against all odds.

    I send my thoughts to them, and each day pray that this war will come to an end. I know many people will feel the same.

    Churchill said he wanted peace in our time. Let us all light a candle and ask for that to happen.

    There will be wars and rumours of wars until mankind learns that we should all walk beside each other in peace and harmony.

    Peace for Ukraine

    Love and light


  2. A belated Happy New Year to all of you.

    It has been sometime updating the blog. It has been a very busy and stressful few months for me, and I know it has been that for so many others. But the good news is that my middle daughter was able to have her wedding at long last. It had been cancelled twice due to Covid.

    This terrible pandemic has taken its toll on so many. What have we learnt from this terrible ordeal? At first, we were all enthusiastic about  combating it doing the right thing by staying away from the vulnerable. However, as time has gone by, we have become angry and despondent because there does not seem to be an end to it all.

    The thing I have learnt is that family and friends are most important, we all had to stop and take stock. We race along at a 100 miles an hour fitting so much into our days we forget to say hello to those who are precious to us.

    I have had news in the last month that for 2022 there are two new members of our family being born in June. How wonderful is that!

    So, stop running begin to walk, stand, and pause. Talk to your nearest and dearest. Live in the moment stop predicting for yourself what might or might not happen.

    We are all in What’s App groups talking to each other via the network. Why not arrange a date once a month to actually see the people and interact with them personally? What a radical thought!

    Make 2022 a year of communication – talking and seeing those you love and care for – friends the family you choose – family not just the close ones but spread the net wider.

    Let us spread the love to each other, because without that we have nothing!

    Best Wishes