Mary and Rosie

“Sit still Mary” Mary’s mum Betty was talking with her sister, Lily. Mary fidgeted, she was seeing her Grandmother who was smiling and waving at her. Mary had seen her before and had told her mum, but she was smacked and decided she wouldn’t tell anymore. Mary had also seen her Uncle George, who was Auntie Lily’s husband, who Mary had loved very much. Mary was 5 years old; she wasn’t sure why she was seeing these people when her mum and auntie could not see them.  She had been told they were far away in heaven, a place you didn’t come back from apparently. So, Mary pondered and fidgeted, and tried her best not to notice these people from heaven.

Mary told her best friend, Rosie, at school and asked her if she saw people from heaven, but Rosie had said she hadn’t seen them, but it didn’t mean they didn’t exist. And, during this conversation Rosie had said she had a friend nobody could see called Tara, who would come to her quite often and play with her. Mary and Rosie decided to keep their secrets and only tell each other about their sightings because they realised the adults didn’t understand and would get quite cross.

Many months went by when one day an agitated Rosie came to school telling Mary, Tara had said she couldn’t come anymore, but Rosie was to remember her when she grew up and began working within the church, then she would come back to her.  Rosie was so upset and told Mary that although she went to Church and Sunday school, she had never seen Tara there and she didn’t want to work in a church. Mary gave her a hug and said we can be anything we want when we are grown up ladies, and maybe someone else would come to Rosie instead of Tara.

Mary and Rosie remained the best of friends for many years. Mary kept on seeing the people from heaven even when she attended University. She was never afraid of these people but knew not everyone could see them. She had realised growing up it was something she just had to get used to and keep to herself, otherwise others would think she was weird in some way. She went on to work with children with learning difficulties and had a wonderful rapport with them. Mary would often sense feelings around the children and see the people from heaven connected with them, she would often get a message come to her suddenly about a certain child and the person from heaven would give reassurance through her for the child.

Rosie had similar experiences, she would be talking to someone and suddenly feel compelled to tell them something important to help them. Rosie was sometimes overwhelmed with the information coming seemingly out of the blue, but she found that she had the quality of being able to listen and understand a person and often hold their hand in the process. The person was always grateful and felt healed by the experience. Rosie didn’t go to University but went on to work as a PA in a charitable organisation organising events for fundraising.  

With life being so busy for Mary and Rosie they would make sure to meet and have a meal to catch up each month. It was hard to keep this arrangement but, it was a date set in gold for each of them. Today was one of those days, they hugged each other and caught up with each other’s daily life. Then began to discuss what was happening with the voices and the people from heaven. Mary had heard a new spiritualist church was opening in the next town. The launch was the following Wednesday evening in a Village Hall.

“Shall we go, Rosie, we may get some answers” Mary smiled but was a bit apprehensive about Rosie’s reaction.

“Wow, I was going to suggest this to you, I had one of those ‘messages’ to tell me to go along to the new church” Rosie smiled, her eyes had lit up, “Mary I know this is meant to be, we have talked for many years about how we both can ‘see’ , ‘feel’, and ‘hear’ things others can’t.”

“I mentioned the spiritualist church to my mother, she almost had a heart attack she got so mad, she said I would be dealing with the devil and not to go near” Mary shook her head in disbelief “I just didn’t respond and knew I would go anyway, thankfully, I don’t live with my parents any more so I can go without making any waves”

“So, let’s make it a date then, go along, if it isn’t for us then we don’t go again” Rosie said in quite a matter of fact way. “We both need this; we are not abnormal and maybe this will give us an insight to why we get these feelings”

Wednesday arrived Mary and Rosie sat in the church expectant, not knowing what was going to happen. They were greeted warmly and given song books. They looked around at the people attending, they looked quite ‘normal’, Rosie had giggled when she had said this to Mary. Suddenly the service began, there was a welcome from the rostrum for the Medium and all the people who attended. There was at least 30 people gathered in the Village Hall. It was a wonderful atmosphere, the singing of the modern songs uplifted everyone, including Mary and Rosie who were astounded at the number of people attending. The absent healing part of the service was so profound, and Rosie found herself tingling with anticipation to ask questions after the service whether there were training courses for the healing. Then it came to the part where the Medium stood and gave ‘messages’ from the spirit world. Mary turned to Rosie and nodded, so ‘hearing and seeing’ people from heaven wasn’t odd, some people were able to do this, Mary knew she had come ‘home’.

Mary and Rosie are not unique, there are many people out there ‘seeing and hearing’ people from spirit, they have a knowing more than others do. We all have the ability, but some people are afraid this could come from the childhood download from parental or religious prejudices.


Mary and Rosie would go on to be a Medium and Healer, they were born to follow that path. Lots of people come to it much later in life. There are no rules for when this might happen, but following the path can bring so much joy, not only to those who apply their gift but to those that receive the messages and healing.

If you are one of those who have a ‘knowledge’ don’t deny your gift. Follow the signs and let spirit pen the pathway for you. Then joy will be yours.

 Love and light

Pam Brittan


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