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  1. I am very proud of my children and grandchildren. They are all making their way in the world. I have worried about them during this horrible pandemic and thankfully thus far we are all well, although a few have had covid but are now all well. 

    Lunch on the Girder for story (2)

    Two of my grandsons have a scaffolding company JP's and Sons Scaffolding Services Ltd and this inspired me to write my latest short story: Lunch on the Girder. This is based on that iconic picture of the men taking lunch whilst building the tower blocks in New York during the 1930's. I am glad they are more health and safety conscious today!

    I have also updated my course Empower the hidden You on Udemy and with this link you can get it at a discounted price for a short time:

    This course is all about the Gut Instinct and how it works. We all have it how many times have you gone against it to find you should have listened to what it was telling you. 

    It has taken a while to update my website, life throws so many curved balls in our direction we sometimes wonder what is going to be around the next corner. But, we have to go forward, open the next chapter in our book and start a new page.

    Keep safe everyone

    Love and light 


  2. Hi Everyone

    It is very sad in this age of the Pandemic that so many scams are about. I have had to reluctantly stop my contact page on my website because I was constantly getting scam emails. So, if anyone wants to sign up for my monthly newsletter, please contact me on Twitter or Facebook.

    I cannot understand why these awful people feel it is alright to target innocent people for greed. Because that is what it is all about, money.

    I had a phone call very recently which turned out to be genuine, but the hassle to prove it took quite some time to verify. We are all wary of giving too much information over the telephone, but it is wise to check before you agree to anything, especially if money is being asked for.  

    I ask you to be vigilant and take care not to be sucked into any of the scams going around. These people have no heart.

    Most of us though do have heart, and we take care of each other, we take care of our families who mean the world to us.

    That is all you can do really. Spread joy and love to one another. We can start to hug our children and grandchildren soon. Hugging friends and smiling without a mask on will be marvellous.

    Taking lunch and coffee indoors. We can look forward to such a lot of simple pleasures we have been missing. So, celebrate in all the simplicity of loving one another and being together.

    Love and light