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  1. The little verse about Family on the first page of my website is so important for us all currently. Coming through this pandemic, losing friends and family, being lonely at times because for my safety, people can’t come in and have a cuppa with me.

    I know this will resonate with so many people. But we are surviving and lots of us are coming out the other end. The vaccine has helped stem the spread of this terrible disease and we are all wanting to come out of the darkness into the brilliant sunshine!

    The world has been affected by this, which you would think that it would be a time for us all to be comrades fighting this disease together. Instead, it seems there is still conflict and wars. We all belong to one another. We should stand together nation by nation to bring about a survival of this pandemic, not bickering and pointing fingers.

    Has this last year not taught us that to survive we must learn tolerance and patience? Waiting for the vaccine to be approved was hard, but the rollout has been exceptional.

    Let us learn from this terrible year. Let us go forward and make changes to our thoughts about each other. You never know what goes on in another’s life until you have walked in their shoes. Be tolerant and patient but most of all let us bring about more love and light in all communities for the future.

    Be Safe

    Love and light