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  1. 2020 has proved to be a washout for most people. My daughter had to cancel her wedding and shielding for most has been quite a problem.

    However, it has made us realise the importance of family and friends. Video calls have been a godsend and keeping in touch with our loved ones has become an important part of every day.

    Worldwide so much has been happening. I have been sending healing to the world on a regular basis. It is so sad that even the pandemic cannot stop violence and anarchy.

    I stand by my previous words of saying there is only one race: THE HUMAN RACE.

    This virus has made us realise that life is very tenuous. Loved ones have been lost and saying goodbye to them has been in a limited numbers way. Visiting people in hospital is not allowed, so often these loved ones have not had families around them when they have passed. How tragic it all is!

    Let us concentrate on what is important. In the end we all need to fight this silent enemy as a united human race. Let us be positive, eventually there will be a vaccine and the pandemic will begin to release its hold. People can stand together in harmony once again.

    The world needs peace. Spirituality needs to fill people’s hearts and minds. We all need one another so begin by sending healing to the planet and get us all smiling again, even behind the masks.

    Love and light