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I consider myself young at heart. I have reached an age where there is less time in front of me than there is behind me. I am blessed with children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. At Christmas time we had the opportunity of all of us being together. It was a bit chaotic and hard work to get us all fed and watered. But it was a marvellous time. 

My home is my sanctuary, it is where I can get into my PJ's and relax and watch the TV. But, when you sit and watch the news bulletins and see the dreadful things going on around the world, I am always grateful and humbled by my blessings. I am blessed with food in my belly, a warm bed, heating and lighting, and running water and family and friends who love me, all of which we take for granted. It isn't about things, it is about people, we forget we all belong to one another. We are all part of the race humankind. We all need to take time out to think about that. 

I send out absent healing to all those who are suffering and hope that somehow, they will be helped. We can all do this, all you need to do is go into that quiet space and be silent just for a little while and ask the divine spirit to send that love and healing to the world or just to that person who needs the help.

Very recently a friend died with cancer, no matter when we go to the spirit world loved ones who are left behind feel the grief. But, don't avoid talking to those who are grieving it is better to acknowledge them and the person who has gone. Believing what I believe that the spirit continues, it gives me great comfort to know this, but, when we lose the body of the person it is difficult. Grieving takes as long as it takes so don’t be in a hurry to overcome it, the pain does not diminish but the time goes past when you get used to the idea.

On a lighter note I have told my children that I am going to grow old enough to be a nuisance to them. PAY BACK TIME (ha ha).

Sending you all my healing thoughts

Love and light


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